Jul 9, 2014

Short interview About Dribble Funk Solo Improv on ImprovACT blog

Brad McEntire performs all his own stunts


Hey guys- We’re getting closer to the Dallas Big Sexy Weekend of Improv festival and we want you to know a little more about all the performers. Today we give you a mini interview with Brad McEntire of Dribble Funk. See the performance on Saturday July 12th at 7pm!

*Tell us about your name, Dribble Funk.
When I started developing the solo format that would become Dribble Funk back in 2005, I had this list of rejected comedy troupe names in an old notebook. There were a bunch of names like Runny Poo, Foodstamp Tyrants, Trainsick Hobos, Lost Airship of Spotted Owls…
One of those names was Dribble Funk. It is a wonderful nonsense combination. I didn’t know what the format would turn into, but I needed something for the posters. After all these years, I have grown to really like it. 

* When you were a kid, who were your comedy heroes?
I liked a bunch of stuff. From elementary school through college I had a kind of informal comedy hobby going on. I liked everything, too. I had phases where I was super into the Marx Brothers, Buster Keaton, Chaplin, Danny Kaye, Will Rogers, Steve Martin, Kids in the Hall, Robin Williams, Belushi, Bill Irwin and on and on. For weeks at a time I would devour everything I could find on a person. Before the internet I kept these big binders filled with xeroxed magazine and newspaper articles. I used to photocopy stuff out of books – like whole chapters. I would go to the library and make copies from the microfiche machine (remember those things?). I had whole collections on people. In college I started studying “serious” theatre and the internet kinda started to come into my life, so I put the binders away in storage. I’ve kept some of them. I come across them from time to time when I am repacking or something. 

* What is your favorite thing about improvised solo performance?
It scares the shit out of me. Every single time. That’s the main reason I keep coming back to it.

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