May 22, 2023

Robert's Eternal Goldfish at the Tyler Texas Fringe

Robert's Eternal Goldfish will play at the 2023 Tyler Texas Fringe Festival.

Robert J. Roberts has a huge problem with the world. In particular he really dislikes people. All people. One day he becomes the unlikely custodian of a magical goldfish and Mr. Robert’s misanthropic view of the world is seriously challenged. This dark comedy asks can a person be frustrated into becoming a better human being?

Tickets for this festival are FREE !


At the Rogers Palmer Performing Arts Center (Recital Hall Gallery),

Tyler Junior College, 1303 S. Mahon Avenue, Tyler, TX 75701   [map]


Friday, June 2 at  1:00pm

Saturday, June 3 at 6:30pm

For more info (parking, tix, shows, etc.) visit the Texas Fringe website... HERE


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