Dec 19, 2014

Early episodes of Bike Soccer Jamboree available for download

Jeff Hernadez and I have been recording a semi-humorous/ semi-sincere podcast since 2012. It is called Bike Soccer Jamboree. It has changed a lot since we first started recording it. We did all the recording in the kitchen of my rent house on a small flip cam. I'd convert the video into an MP3 file, then edit it on a free audio editing program.

In the early days, we were on a now-defunct website Posterous (which was shut down when it was bought out by Twitter). When Jeff opened what would be the new home for the podcast, Sensational Adventure Club he started putting episodes on itunes. Unfortunately, he didn't put the first eleven on itunes and up until recently, there wasn't a way to download them.

But now there is. Head over to the Bike Soccer Jamboree site and click on an early episode. Some of the early ones are my favorites of the series. The first three episodes are now downloadable and the rest of those first 11 will be soon.

All the goodness... HERE

Dec 13, 2014

CORNER OFFICE SKY in the press

DeWayne Blundell as R.H. and Ana Gonzalez as Skye in CORNER OFFICE SKY
My one-act CORNER OFFICE SKY opened this past wekeend alongside a collection of nine other short plays as part of Nouveau 47 Theatre's A Very Nouveau Holiday. Here's a synopsis...

R.H. has just been promoted. As he finds a quiet spot away from the raucous office holiday party to congratulate himself he finds an other-worldly young woman named Skye. She seems drawn to a man with a good brain in his head.

The excellent Becki MCDonald directs. DeWayne Blundell is R.H. and Ana Gonzalez is Skye

The show has recieved nice write-ups, including...

"...bizzare and inventive..." ~ Christopher Soden, Dallas Arts Examiner

"...comedy reigns supreme..." ~ Danielle Georgiou, Dallas Observer Arts Blog

"... quizzical... a particular hoot..." ~ Nancy Churnin,

Playing througfh December 21. Info... HERE.

Dec 12, 2014

CYRANO A-GO-GO at Solo Salon

"Brad McEntire"

I recently had the opoortunity to read an excerpt of my solo show CYRANO-A-GO-GO at the Audacity Solo Salon. I got some great feedback from the dozen and half audience members that turned out.

I was on a roster with Adam A. Anderson and Kris Noteboom. They rocked it out with their pieces as well.

Adam Anderson, Me and Kris Noteboom

Dec 5, 2014

I'm in the Audacity Solo Salon

I will be performing an exceprt of my solo piece CYRANO A-GO-GO at the Audacity Solo Salon next Monday, December 8. I will be in some fine company, alongside Kris Noteboom and Adam A. Anderson.

Here's a clip if the piece I'm working on from a reading back in 2011.

The aim of the Audacity Solo Salon is to support and nurture both established and emerging solo performers in the north Texas area. It is also a way to extend the mission of the annual Dallas Solo Fest beyond just the festival itself. This quarterly series will be a way for solo artists to rehearse, experiement and develop their work in front of supportive audiences.

It is P-W-Y-C and B-Y-O-B, so if you get a chance come on out...

Monday, December 8, 2014 at 7:30 pm 
At the Margo Jones Theatre
 1121 First Avenue in Fair Park, 
Dallas TX 75210