Oct 6, 2015

Pics from the 2015 Scranton Fringe


ROBERT'S ETERNAL GOLDFISH in performance at the Forage Space Gallery

Ruth and I in "The Electric City"

My show was on the cover of the festival guide

Touching up my "set piece" in the hotel.

Rehearsing my show in the stairwell of the hotel.

Sep 30, 2015

ROBERT'S ETERNAL GOLDFISH at the Scranton Fringe

My solo show ROBERT'S ETERNAL GOLDFISH will play at the first ever Scranton Fringe Festival October 3 (@ 6:30 PM) and October 4 (@ 2 PM).

The show concerns a misanthropic man named Robert J. Roberts. He hates the world. He particularly hates people. Pretty much all people. After a series of strange events lead him to become the unlikely custodian of a magical goldfish, Robert's misanthropic views are seriously challenged. Can a person be frustrated into being a better human being?

Playing at The FORAGE SPACE310 N WAShington Ave, Scranton, PA 18503

Tickets and info ... HERE

Sep 22, 2015

Pics from the 2015 1MPF

Last month, two of my plays were presented by Kitchen Dog Theater as part of the 2015 Dallas One Minute Play Fest. I did the 1MPF last year. I was pleased to contribute it again. I was on the road when the plays were put up with a lot of other great pieces from some other hard-hitting local playwrights. I didn't get to see the production that went up at the Greer Garson Theatre at SMU. I recently got some great pics. Looking at them, I totally wish I had been there.

Ryan Lescalleet directed my one-minute play A CAUTIONARY COMMUTE, a sort of musical ode to DFW rush hour absurdity.

Jeremy Schwartz directed my one-minute play RUMBLESHANKS WANTS AN HQ in which my cyborg/ mad genuis would-be world conqueror character Captain Odysseus Rumbleshanks decides where to put his homebase, dropping hint after hint about the suitablenss of Dallas. Schwartz's interpretation was delightfully odd.

Aug 29, 2015

Aug 24, 2015

CYRANO A-GO-GO in Fresno, CA

In August, I performed at the Nanaimo Fringe Festival. While I am out on the West Coast, I'm also performing my solo show CYRANO A-GO-GO at an event sponsored by the Rogue Fringe Festival in Fresno, California. It is called "The Seattle-To-Fresno Mini-Fringe". There will be lots of other great performers in it as well.

Performances at the Mia Cuppa Caffe, 620 E Olive, Fresno, CA 93728


Thurs. Aug 27th @ 7:30pm 
Fri. Aug 28th @ 9pm 
Sat. Aug 29th @ 4:30pm

Tickets $10. For more information head over to... HERE

Aug 23, 2015

The Rumbleshanks Tapes Episode 004 is up!

Session 43 - Mongolian Space Elevator

In this episode Agent Hanson tries to uncover what's up with the immense "space elevator" Rumbleshanks has constructed in the middle of the Mongolian desert. 

Also, Jeremiah Hanson learns what it is like to play a guessing game with the Captain.

From the folks that bring you The Bike Soccer Jamboree Podcast, here is a turn towards the weird and frustrating...

You can listen to the delightful sci-fi mayhem... HERE