Nov 20, 2011

Rudnick at Naked Hoildays

My play RUDNICK: THE CANDLE-HEADED BOY plays in the "Best of..." version of Naked Holidays 2011from EndTime Productions in NYC. It was originally part of their 2009 show and they called me up to see if it could be included this year as well. If you're in New York this December, check it out.

NAKED HOLIDAYS is a darkly comic Yuletide bacchanalia, a gleeful pageant filled with indulgent tidings which climaxes in a scantily clad routine that looks a lot like Christmas. This boisterous holiday celebration puts a theatrical spin on some of our best-loved winter traditions. Highlights include:
  • “The Annihilator” by Steve Strangio, about X-mas at a professional wrestler’s house.
  • “Dead-Nosed” by Oliver Thrun, in which Santa’s reindeer plot the assassination of Rudolph.  A Samuel French short play festival finalist.
  • “Fear the Nog” by Rebecca Jane Stokes, The North Pole meets Orwell’s 1984 with Santa as Big Brother.
  • “A Very Special Hanukkah Special Hanukkah” by Mark Harvey Levine, a Jewish-themed spoof of It’s A Wonderful Life.
  • “The Naked People Play” by Stacy Lane, the traditional Naked Holidays closer.
  • “Rudnick the Candle-Headed Boy” , by Brad McEntire, A Brief and Cheeky Retelling of a Certain Reindeer Myth
Tickets and more info here.