Jul 26, 2014

PrintBomb Summer 2014

On Tuesday evening, July 22, 2014 I headed down to BookPeople in Austin, Texas. I placed a series of a dozen prints in assorted places - on shelves and walls, and especially in books. The original prints of my design Tiny Robo-Knight Vs. Giant Dodo, are on heavy-bound archival paper and individually signed. On the back I listed my website.

Along with P. Terry's for a cheeseburger and occassionally Flightpath for a coffee, BookPeople is one of those places I ALWAYS frequent when I am in Austin. I can spend hours browsing along the aisles. I usually spend more than I plan to when I go in. 

The prints are a free gift to whoever finds them. Here are few pics to document the project. More can be seen on my Flickr... HERE

The last time I did a PrintBomb Project was back in January 2013. Read about it... HERE.

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