Sep 20, 2014

Applying with Dribble Funk

I am applying to a comedy festival with my solo improv format Dribble Funk. This will be the first time I have purposely aimed to perform DF at a big festival, especially outside the DFW area. I have performed it outside of Dallas a few times (like in Hong Kong and in Austin), but, honestly, I don't perfom it very often. It scares me every time I do it. Sometimes I kick-ass and sometimes it is just lame. As I develop it, it has a certain two steps forward one step back thing about it.

I am at my best in the Dribble Funk when I combine solid characters with a tidy plot that gradually becomes clear. Also, I'm learning that velocity is important. If I can spin it out at the same speed I'm thinking it up, then it makes magic happen. This is way more difficult than it sounds.

I may not get in the festival, but applying has made me consider Dribble Funk lately. I had to post a link to a video performance and realized I didn't have any Dribble Funks on YouTube, so I threw one up. It is one I am pretty proud of. I call it the "Ryan's School Report or Flying Fox Set."


WARNING: Strong language! NSFW!

Sep 16, 2014

The Holding Fix performance video

I wrote in an earlier post how I directed a group of student actors in a short student-written play at the beginning of the summer. It was for an event called PUP Fest, produced by Junior Players and Kitchen Dog Theater. They just sent me a link to the video of the show. For one week of two hour rehearsals, I was very pleased with how the young actors performed. They have their scripts in hand because technically it is billed as a staged reading.

Here's the video...

The Holding Fix from Devon Miller on Vimeo.

Sep 9, 2014

Originality Over Perfection

"The Collective works, ultimately, towards perfection. My idea of an Individual working in the Theatre is different. The goal is not perfection. The Individual Theatre-maker (such as a solo performer) is working ultimately for the most personal outcome. Originality trumps perfection."

~ "Originality Over Perfection." Brad McEntire

I make a substantial realization over on my Tumblr about the goals associated with the kind of theatre I persue. See it... HERE