Jul 9, 2014

Preparing for the 6th Dallas Big Sexy Weekend of Improv

Shea and I at the Margo Jones Theatre
A small group of organizers (myself, Shea Smith, Liz Robinson, Kyle Bradford and John Rawley) cleaned and prepped the Margo Jones Theatre last night. Why? Because...

The Dallas Big Sexy Weekend of Improv is coming in two days!

I've stumbled into co-producing via my li'l theatre group Audacity (with the Alternative Comedy Theater) as well as hosting (the Monologue Jam), performing (Dribble Funk and Fun Grip) and conducting a workshop (But I Suck at the Administrative Stuff). So, pretty much any night you head down, I'll be doing something.

June 10-12, 2014. Full schedule... HERE.

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