Sep 13, 2022

Mini-review on OnStageNTX of Robert's Eternal Goldfish at the FW Fringe


By Jan Farrington

Funny and booming Brad McEntire, playwright and artistic director of Audacity Theatre Lab, came in with a character I won’t soon forget in Robert’s Eternal Goldfish—a ranting gent who told us (repeatedly) how much he hates “so many things.” Frankly, he seemed to enjoy it, tracing it all back to boyhood, and being abandoned alone in the ocean when the snorkel boat left him behind. And somehow, that long-ago event does feel connected to the dreadful curmudgeon he’s become, and to the goldfish he almost-accidentally buys in an oddball pet store. McEntire keeps this fishy story swimming along as Robert tries (and fails) to deep-six his new pet. His dreams only get weirder night after night, and (gasp) he’s forced to interact with other humans. To know more…buy a ticket.

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