Jan 28, 2015

Setting up the MJT

Ruth and I have been preparing the Margo Jones Theatre for CHOP for the last three days. It is starting to look pretty good. Plus, here's a little promo video I shot for the upcoming run of CHOP.

Jan 24, 2015

Introducing The Rumbleshanks Tapes

So, I had this idea for a new podcast at the end of last year (or to put it another way... last month, which was December 2014). It would feature a would-be world conqueror named Captain Odysseus Rumbleshanks. Every episode would be culled from the "audio records" of sit down Q-and A sessions conducted by agents of a secret government organization.

Oh, and Captain Rumblesdhanks is a part cyborg, mad genius bent on planetary domination. And also has a genetically mutated pet pteroldactyl named Franklin Mint.

Featuring the voices of Jeff Hernandez and yours truly. With a kick ass intro by the dulcet-toned Brandon Potter. A New Episode Every Two Weeks (or whenever Jeff and I get around to recording them)... 

Listen to the first episode... HERE


Jan 10, 2015

CHOP comes home to Dallas

"Brad McEntire"

After years of traveling to venues and festivals around the country I will present my solo show CHOP in a full run in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area January 29 through February 7, 2015 at the Margo Jones Theatre in Fair Park, 1121 First Avenue, Dallas TX 75210.

CHOP concerns a man totally isolated from the world around him. A chance meeting with a mysterious tattooed woman leads him to the place he might truly belong… an underground amputation fetish group.

After readings in Seattle (at the Outsider’s Inn Collective) and New York City (Cry Havoc Theatre) I premiered CHOP at the 2010 Out of the Loop Fringe Festival at Addison’s Water Tower Theatre. Since then I have toured and performed the show at multiple venues and festivals, including the Phoenix Fringe Festival, the New Orleans Fringe, Houston Fringe, Portland Mini-Fringe, College of Santa Fe and San Antonio’s Overtime Theatre, 2012 New York international Fringe Festival, Seattle Fringe and New Orleans SoloMania Fest among others. The piece played a two night limited engagement at the Margo Jones Theatre in July 2012.

I am super delighted to bring the show back to Dallas for a full two week run.

The piece was directed and sound designed by Andrew J. Merkel of Brooklyn, NY. I wrote, designed and perform the piece.

CHOP opens at Margo Jones Theatre January 29, 2015 at 8:00 PM. Plays January 29 – February 7 (Tuesday thru Saturday) at 8:00 PM. Tickets $12 at the door. 

Information/reservations at: (214) 888-6650 or via email at: audacitytheatrelab@yahoo.com. The Margo Jones Theatre is located at the Magnolia Lounge, Fair Park, 1121 First Ave., Dallas, TX 75210. For more information go... HERE

Jan 8, 2015

Monologue Jam on January 18

MINT Presents is presenting the second revamped Monologue Jam. Again, I am hosting. Should be a great time. We did one back in November and it was a blast!

A handful of improvisers present hilarious and strange 3 minute monologues, on the spot and in character, from a prompt supplied by the audience. But that’s not all! Contests! Games! and Give-aways! The audience becomes part of the action! Bring your own beverage of choice! 

January 18, 2015 at 7 PM, Margo Jones Theatre, 1121 First Avenue, Fair Park, Dallas TX 75210.  Admission $5 (pre-sale) or $7 at the door.

More info... HERE

Jan 6, 2015

EYE IN THE SKY Episode 1 on YouTube

Audacity Theatre Lab's EYE IN THE SKY project makes its way to YouTube. Episode 1 is up now. Give it a listen. You can hear my voice a few times...

See below or dig it... HERE.

Jan 3, 2015

Nice Mention as part of the 'Year in Theatre' in TheaterJones

"Brad McEntire"

I am mentioned several times in this great summation by Mark Lowry of TheatreJones. It covers exciting theatre in the Dallas area over 2014.

Check it out... HERE