Interview with Brad McEntire of Audacity Theatre Lab from Christopher Taylor on Vimeo. 2010.

Here's some clips of Brad doing long-form improv with the duo FUN GRIP, playing alongside Jeff Swearingen (recorded from performances between 2007-2008)

Preview mini-documentary on the production HELLO HUMAN FEMALE. Directed and designed by Brad McEntire. Commissioned by McEntire from playwright Matt Lyle for Audacity Theatre Lab (Dallas, TX) 2009.

Mini-documentary about the production THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LULLABY YOU'VE EVER HEARD by Greg Romero. Directed and designed by Brad McEntire for Audacity Theatre Lab (Dallas, TX) 2008.

Video with Me Performing and Acting

  Watch the Skies (Official Trailer) from Ben Davis on Vimeo.

This was a commercial for WSnet / Working Solutions by Aaron Kannowski. 2009.

 Commercial for Suddenlink Business Services (Spring 2013)

Industrial I made in 2008(?). Siefeld spoof. Directed by Stan Hart.

A commercial I was in during the Spring of 2011. For First Choice Power.

Brad's Top 5 Books from FT Bonnigan on Vimeo. Webcartoonist, playwright, and improviser Brad McEntire discusses his five favorite books. 2010.

Student Film from the College of Santa Fe, 1996(?). Written and Directed by J. Loser. Performed by J. McFerrin and B. McEntire.