Jul 26, 2014

PrintBomb Summer 2014

On Tuesday evening, July 22, 2014 I headed down to BookPeople in Austin, Texas. I placed a series of a dozen and a half prints in assorted places - on shelves and walls, and especially in books. The original prints of my design Tiny Robo-Knight Vs. Giant Dodo, are on heavy-bound archival paper and individually signed. On the back I listed my website.

Along with P. Terry's for a cheeseburger and occassionally Flightpath for a coffee, BookPeople is one of those places I ALWAYS frequent when I am in Austin. I can spend hours browsing along the aisles. I usually spend more than I plan to when I go in. 

The prints are a free gift to whoever finds them. Here are few pics to document the project. 

The last time I did a PrintBomb Project was back in January 2013. Read about it... HERE.

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Jul 25, 2014

Sundown's WE'VE DONE IT AGAIN: A Mixtape

I have a piece coming up in Sundown Collaborative Theatre's short works fest. It is called LIZARD BOY EATS A DORITO and it is exactly what it sounds like (hat tip of gratitude to my friend Phil Gonzales who had the original concept back when we were in college together). I believe it is being performed here by the delightfully odd Robert Linder. The evening will also include JON GOES TO MARS by my freind Jeff Hernandez (Hat tip to myself for the concept) and Ben Schroth's hilarious TYLER'S MOM featuring the brilliant Betty Milligan.

Sundown Collaborative Theatre presents…
Sundown's 3rd Annual(ish) Short Works Festival
AUGUST 11-13 @ 8PM
1121 First Avenue, Dallas, TX 75210
AUGUST 16-17 @ 8PM
529 Malone, Denton, TX 76201
We've Done it Again: A Mixtape will feature nine different works including solo acts, movement pieces, and new plays. Our eclectic mix of styles and moods means there is sure to be something to whet your appetite! You can see all nine works in one night, or come by on multiple nights.
Tickets are $10 general admission, $8 students/seniors.
Group prices are available; please contact us for more information.
To reserve tickets or pay in advance, call 940-220-9302 or email boxoffice@sundowntheatre.org. 

Jul 19, 2014

Pics of the Dribble Funk set at the 2014 Big Sexy

I performed a short Dribble Funk solo improv set at the 2014 Big Sexy Weekend of Improv. It went so-so. Had a few good moments and lots of bland ones. My mind was not all together in it and I shied away from straight up monologue work and leaned on character stuff. That was not a great choice. 

I'm learning that narrative is my strong suit and characterizations, while better than most of my contemporaries, is definitely secondary in my arsenal. Not super-happy with the outcome. May not do another Dribble Funk for a while. 

update of Solo Performer ebook now available

An update of my little ebook 7 Considerations for the Solo Performer is now available on Scribd. It was originally posted in 2011 and now I have updated it a bit. Feel free to download or read. It is under a non-commercial Creative Commons license. Feel fee to share (as long as you give proper attribution to moi).

The book is a short introduction targeted at those putting together their own solo show. Covers things like developing the "why" of a project, different kinds of historical solo performance, framing devices, using the language of theatre and more.

Take a look... HERE

Jul 16, 2014

Nice Write-up about the Monologue Jam at the 2014 Big Sexy

John Rawley introduces the Monologue Jam at the 2014 Dallas Big sexy Weekend of Improv
Record Collections and Flying Pigs
The Friday night show at Big Sexy Weekend of Improv showcased funny females, improvisational jams, and put our reviewer through on the spot on stage.

TheaterJones.com | bAmy Martin | Monday, July 14, 2014
Capping the night was the Monologue Jam, hosted by Brad McEntire of Audacity Theatre, co-presenter of the weekend. Top area improvisers were offered a suggestion and given three minutes to make something of it. A high bar was set when Patrick Haughton took “pumperdinkle” [sic] and concocted Southern gentlemen dissecting family dynamics over a sunset with mint juleps. Tyler Bryce turned “animals” into a surprise birthday party with 13 sloths and a bear inside a cake. Rory Scholl made the most of the prompt “Unitarian,” even though he’d obviously never been in one of their churches.

Somewhere along the line, yours truly was thrown into the mix, saved only by being given the best suggestion of the night: “when pigs fly.” A tale was spun from my farm days of the difficulty of turtle sex, barn-climbing goats, cow patties with purple mushrooms, and, yes, flying pigs in rainbow colors. As a child of the ‘60s, I’m familiar with porcine aviation.

Original full post... HERE

Brad hosting the Monologue Jam at the 2015 Big Sexy Weekend of Improv

Jul 11, 2014

Fun Grip pics from 6th Annual Big Sexy

Swearingen and I performed our first Fun Grip set since last January. Part of the opening night of the 6th Annual Big Sexy Weekend of Improv, the set went over nicely. We had a story arc about a witless kid who is bothered by his infant brother (he shoots him "laser daggers" with his eyes). The kid benchwarms on a little league team. He manages to hit a miraculous, impossible homerun and is recruited by the Brewers. When his time comes to prove his worth he is drunk on chianti and his infant brother, mysteriously aged by a baseball fan's magical girl-parts, comes to his rescue.

Jul 9, 2014

Short interview About Dribble Funk Solo Improv on ImprovACT blog

Brad McEntire performs all his own stunts


Hey guys- We’re getting closer to the Dallas Big Sexy Weekend of Improv festival and we want you to know a little more about all the performers. Today we give you a mini interview with Brad McEntire of Dribble Funk. See the performance on Saturday July 12th at 7pm!

*Tell us about your name, Dribble Funk.
When I started developing the solo format that would become Dribble Funk back in 2005, I had this list of rejected comedy troupe names in an old notebook. There were a bunch of names like Runny Poo, Foodstamp Tyrants, Trainsick Hobos, Lost Airship of Spotted Owls…
One of those names was Dribble Funk. It is a wonderful nonsense combination. I didn’t know what the format would turn into, but I needed something for the posters. After all these years, I have grown to really like it. 

* When you were a kid, who were your comedy heroes?
I liked a bunch of stuff. From elementary school through college I had a kind of informal comedy hobby going on. I liked everything, too. I had phases where I was super into the Marx Brothers, Buster Keaton, Chaplin, Danny Kaye, Will Rogers, Steve Martin, Kids in the Hall, Robin Williams, Belushi, Bill Irwin and on and on. For weeks at a time I would devour everything I could find on a person. Before the internet I kept these big binders filled with xeroxed magazine and newspaper articles. I used to photocopy stuff out of books – like whole chapters. I would go to the library and make copies from the microfiche machine (remember those things?). I had whole collections on people. In college I started studying “serious” theatre and the internet kinda started to come into my life, so I put the binders away in storage. I’ve kept some of them. I come across them from time to time when I am repacking or something. 

* What is your favorite thing about improvised solo performance?
It scares the shit out of me. Every single time. That’s the main reason I keep coming back to it.

See the original post... HERE

Preparing for the 6th Dallas Big Sexy Weekend of Improv

Shea and I at the Margo Jones Theatre
A small group of organizers (myself, Shea Smith, Liz Robinson, Kyle Bradford and John Rawley) cleaned and prepped the Margo Jones Theatre last night. Why? Because...

The Dallas Big Sexy Weekend of Improv is coming in two days!

I've stumbled into co-producing via my li'l theatre group Audacity (with the Alternative Comedy Theater) as well as hosting (the Monologue Jam), performing (Dribble Funk and Fun Grip) and conducting a workshop (But I Suck at the Administrative Stuff). So, pretty much any night you head down, I'll be doing something.

June 10-12, 2014. Full schedule... HERE.