I'm starting a new page here on the website about the books that have most influenced me. I have this pet theory that we are the amalgamation of the stimuli and influences that come into our life. Books are a way to control this flow of stimulus, to actively load influences into one's thoughts. 

I am a voracious reader and tear through an average of between 30 to 40 books a year. I read wide and deep. I return to books often as well. This bookshelf page contains a list of those volumes that span the range of my library shelves, from fiction to plays to personal development to biographies. In short, I read books on a LOT of different topics. Being well-read and well-rounded is important to me.

I read books digitally on my Kindle and I still consume normal printed books, too. In fact, I maintain a large library of physical books that takes up a whole room (and then some) in my house. I remember an interesting fact Kevin Kelly (of Wired Magazine) pointed out one time... Now is the most affordable and most accessible time in human history to build a personal library. He's right. It is cheaper than ever and with Amazon and the like, and possible to find so much. And in the future, who knows, we might have less printed books and more digital stuff. So, despite multiple moves and the occassional minimalism impulse, I have decided to maintain and expand my personal library.

Below is the small selection of books. These books have had a profound impact on me and my thinking. Some of them I have written "book reports" on. This list will slowly evolve and expand, I imagine, as my reading habits progress.These selections is ranked very loosely by category...

Theatre/ Playwriting



Adventure/ Non-Fiction




Living/ Operating Systems for Life


Social Studies


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