Jul 16, 2014

Nice Write-up about the Monologue Jam at the 2014 Big Sexy

John Rawley introduces the Monologue Jam at the 2014 Dallas Big sexy Weekend of Improv
Record Collections and Flying Pigs
The Friday night show at Big Sexy Weekend of Improv showcased funny females, improvisational jams, and put our reviewer through on the spot on stage.

TheaterJones.com | bAmy Martin | Monday, July 14, 2014
Capping the night was the Monologue Jam, hosted by Brad McEntire of Audacity Theatre, co-presenter of the weekend. Top area improvisers were offered a suggestion and given three minutes to make something of it. A high bar was set when Patrick Haughton took “pumperdinkle” [sic] and concocted Southern gentlemen dissecting family dynamics over a sunset with mint juleps. Tyler Bryce turned “animals” into a surprise birthday party with 13 sloths and a bear inside a cake. Rory Scholl made the most of the prompt “Unitarian,” even though he’d obviously never been in one of their churches.

Somewhere along the line, yours truly was thrown into the mix, saved only by being given the best suggestion of the night: “when pigs fly.” A tale was spun from my farm days of the difficulty of turtle sex, barn-climbing goats, cow patties with purple mushrooms, and, yes, flying pigs in rainbow colors. As a child of the ‘60s, I’m familiar with porcine aviation.

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Brad hosting the Monologue Jam at the 2015 Big Sexy Weekend of Improv

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