Aug 3, 2012

Lynn J.

 I must admit right off the bat, I am pretty unfamiliar with the comic strip For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston. I recognize it, sure, but I can't say I've ever "read" it. Like Chic Young's Blondie and Family Circus, it shows up, but it has stayed below my radar pretty much.

What is strange is, from the drawing side of things, I probaby should study it a bit. Johnston has an aesthetic like my own, with a style that falls somewhere between really comicky (think Far Side or Wizard of Id) and pretty realistic and to scale (think Prince Valiant or the Hernandez Brother's Love & Rockets).

I just stumbled onto her website. Despite not knowing her comic, I will say, I love her website! It is the most interactive site of its kind I've ever scene, especially as far a cartoonists go. From her daily "Coffee Talk" section where she posts comments from readers to a wonderful "behind-the-scenes" section on how she puts together the strips (she inks the eyes first in the frame!).
I recommend checking it out... HERE

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