Aug 18, 2012

Artprov in NYC

I was invited to sit in and jam last night with some New York City improvisers in a show called ARTPROV. The fellow heading it up, Rory Scholl, a Texan now based in NYC, has known me for a while. When he extended the invitation, I jumped at the chance.

The show was at a place called The Tank (neat little venue!) and there were two teams of three improvisers. Each team performed several short-form games (think parlor games, like Charades) and then at the end we all combined to perform a short improvised musical (something I have never done). The premise is that an artist uses the performances for inspiration and creates an original painting, on the spot, so it is completed by the end.

My team was called "Two Slices and a Coke." This was a name we decided on, literally, five minutes before we went on stage. It consisted of a cute little gal named Lauren and a guy about my size named Malachi. We worked surprisingly well together, despite just meeting each other that night. The artist was Paul Zepeda

I hardly ever do short-form improv, but I had a lot of fun. Met some cool cats and kitties. And got to do a little bit of singing.

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