Aug 1, 2012

Fire Retarding CHOP banners

About to go in the mix. I'm using a flame retardant that meets NY Fire Marshall code.
Setting out on the drive way to dry. It is 105 degrees outside in the sun.
Part of the many hoops and stipulations of having a show at FringeNYC is that all set pieces must be treated with flame retardant (this beyond the fact that no open flames are allowed on NY stages). So, today, I soaked and dried my tablecloth and sideshow banners that are used in CHOP.

UPDATE: I brought the banners in and were refolding them to pack away for transport when I saw tire tracks on the Queen of Nails banner. Tire tracks! It means some ass-face backed into my driveway while the banners were out drying in order to turn around or something. I am not enchanted with this neighborhood. I am glad my set pieces are supposed to look beaten in. If I had a pristine white screen for shadow puppetry or something, I would have pitched a fit. Seriously, tire tracks!?

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