Jul 8, 2012

Touching up CYRANO A-GO-GO

I'm taking my solo "oration" CYRANO A-GO-GO to the Houston Fringe Festival in September and last week I pulled it out of the drawer to start working on it again. I wanna memorize the whole thing (a forty page monologue) and pimp it out with some more dynamic staging. I did the whole thing sort of as a speech with the script as a prompt on a music stand in front of me when I performed it last summer. I'm still keeping it as an "oration" for the historical parts, but I'm staging the contemporary pieces this time around.

And I'm re-writing a bit, too. Tightening it up and putting in a new opening. So, it was back to the research. I have a couple a great go-to books for this project and I find myself flying off on distracted flights of fancy when I pick up Ishbel Addyman's book CYRANO: ADVENTURES IN SPACE AND TIME WITH THE LEGENDARY FRENCH HERO

Re-reading passages, I can feel the rekindling of that old passion for the subject matter. The real Cyrano was a bad-ass. Rostand was a bad-ass. Coquelin was  a bad-ass. The world of Cyrano is a fun world to play in.

What world do love to immerse in?

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