Jul 14, 2012

Drawing with Kylie

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One of the things I enjoy when spending time with my niece Kylie is drawing together. The details change from time to time, but usually we end up doing one of two things...

We take turns drawing what the other suggests. Kylie says draw a cat and I draw a cat. Then I hand the pad to her and I say draw a truck and she draws a cat.

The other thing we do is draw maps together. We draw together and come up with what we meet along the route and where the map goes. Often, we then follow the map around the house, acting out not stepping in lava by hopping from couch cushion to couch cushion. Or we must "swim" from counter top to chair and so on.

Here's the deal. Drawing is our thing. She doesn't draw with anyone else. Others have to make up dances and read out loud and make cookies from mix. But we draw. That's how we play. And I like it.

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