Jul 30, 2012

Studio Tours

I'm always captivated by the spaces where artists make their art. I believe environment - especially our immediate environments (where we spend most of our time) - go a long way to shaping how we interact in and with the world. And, in a way, what and how we produce art for the world.

The Art & Seek Blog here in Dallas has a neat series called Studio Tours. It is kind of a virtual studio crawl and has a gaggle of interesting pieces on local artists (I love how Frank Campagna makes wood block-style prints using styrofoam panels).

Check it out HERE.

UPDATE: I submitted my own entry and it is now on there. The artists are in alphabetical order, so go down to the M's. I'll also post it below...


Brad McEntire

Media: playwright, webcomics, pen and ink drawing

Number of years in this space: 1

What do you enjoy most about working here? I do almost all of my work at a simple desk. It is actually a rather small desk, with little surface area. This is on purpose. Since most of my work involves writing and drawing, I don’t need too much physical space. I fold my laptop down and pull out a sketch pad to draw. It cuts down on the clutter big time. I’m actually kind of proud of the amount I can turn out at this simple workstation.

What would you improve if you could? I would love to have a much better computer, decked out with Adobe Creative Suite and other fancy programs. I’d also like a few fancy pens, which are kind of costly. Other than that, I really dig having *just* enough space.

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