Jun 25, 2012

Sundown Notes

I'm working with a small, but mighty theatre collective in Denton, Texas called the Sundown Collaborative. I've been brought in to write a play especially for the company and we had our first big meeting yesterday. Unfortunately, I coughed through most of it, still nursing the tail end of a flu bug.

The Sundown group all contributed items, thoughts, images, whatever into a red shopping bag (idea from playwright friend Greg Romero. Shout out). Last night, we met in a living room and shared tacos and pizza and went through the bag, item by item.

These items would be the fodder for the play-building process.

Since I have recently stumbled onto Austin Kleon, through his small but action-packed book STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST, I have been experimenting with more visual note-taking (Kleon even stamps the date on his sketchbook pages like I do... kindred spirit). 

So, below are the "notes" for the first meeting ("The Red Bag Meeting?") with Sundown...

[click on the images to see 'em bigger]

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