Jun 3, 2012

The look of the 4th Annual Big Sexy!

So, besides leading a workshop, hosting a Monologue Jam and performing as part of Fun Grip in the 4th Annual Big Sexy Weekend of Improv, some of the groups I'm affiliated with were sponsors of the event. In particular, my webcomic DribbleFunkComics.com was on the list. I ended up designing and drawing the marketing materials for the festival and I was really pleased at how everything came out.
[click on any image to see it bigger]

This is the "teaser" poster I made. I later added troupe names and sponsors to it.
The poster and the badges

I also designed the tickets for each show that were run off on different colored paper

My poster design was run off on t-shirts and tote bags as well...

I took my inspiration from the Post Magazine cover called "Leapfrog" by Norman Rockwell.

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