Jun 4, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

I went to see The Moonrise Kingdom last weekend, kinda in the middle of all the Big Sexy Improv goodness. It may be the best Wes Anderson movie yet. The Moonrise Kingdom has a lot of stuff I usually enjoy in Anderson movies, but moreso... human relationships pushed to the point of absurdity, a retro-obsessed over-packed mise-en-scene, the symmetrically balanced cinematography and a kick-ass soundtrack. I particularly liked this Fran├žoise Hardy song, which is featured prominently in the film.

I think it is on an album called The Yeh Yeh Girl from Paris!  But is costs a king's ransom. I am hoping that with the movie out they will reissue it here in the States! It is on the movie soundtrack, though, so that's at least something...

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