Jan 24, 2015

Introducing The Rumbleshanks Tapes

So, I had this idea for a new podcast at the end of last year (or to put it another way... last month, which was December 2014). It would feature a would-be world conqueror named Captain Odysseus Rumbleshanks. Every episode would be culled from the "audio records" of sit down Q-and A sessions conducted by agents of a secret government organization.

Oh, and Captain Rumblesdhanks is a part cyborg, mad genius bent on planetary domination. And also has a genetically mutated pet pteroldactyl named Franklin Mint.

Featuring the voices of Jeff Hernandez and yours truly. With a kick ass intro by the dulcet-toned Brandon Potter. A New Episode Every Two Weeks (or whenever Jeff and I get around to recording them)... 

Listen to the first episode... HERE


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