Mar 25, 2014

Hearts Not Eyeballs

Show Your Work!
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Earlier this week I finished Austin Kleon's new book Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered It is an excellent collection of many of the ideas he has previously discussed on his blog and tumblr. It is filled chock-a-block full of ideas large and small about getting your work out into the world.

One of the headings caught my attention right away. 

Last year, I posted about how a friend of mine gave me unsolicited advice about courting press in order to increase the butts-in-seats ratio at all costs. This led to a heated discussion where I tried my best to explain my long-term outlook on not growing an audience, but nurturing a community of supporters and patrons.

I was delighted to get to the part in Kleon's book shown above. He starts off by writing...
"Stop worrying about how many people follow you online and start worrying about the quality of people who follow you."

I'm mentioning it here because it totally reaffirms my quality over quantity approach to evolving a network of patronage. Kleon is referring to people following online, but the sentiment is similar. And it doesn't just apply to patrons. In includes colleagues, poterntial employers, and a myriad of other supporters. 

Hearts not eyeballs, indeed.

If you are creative person who produces some sort of art, then the book is totally work taking a look at.

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