Mar 3, 2014

At the 2014 Staple! Expo

Jeff from Sensational Adventure Club, Ruth and I shared a table at the Staple! Expo of Independent Media in Austin this past weekend. I had a playwriting workshop to teach, so I didn't make it down until Saturday night (I took the Megabus... $5... not bad).

Sold a bit. Bought a bit. Ruth's homemade hybrid plush-toys: Tarantu-Bears sold the best. My new comin "My Secret Island" sold a few, too. 

Ate at P. Terry's and Double Dave's Pizza (two of my Austin favorites). Visited BookPeople and got Austin Kleon's newest book. Had a cigar and a drink called a Bulleitt Mule (bourbon, lime, spicy ginger and club soda) on the back paio of the Spider House. Good time. 

We got stuck on the way back to Dallas on Sunday night. Roads super icy. We ended up staying in a Ramada in Hewlitt, Texas (just south of Waco). Great hotel. Much better than the cheap, sketchy crack-house Motel 6 we were at in Austin. Ruth worried and fretted about missing her Monday classes. I finished ROBERTS' ETERNAL GOLDFISH finally! It premieres in less than a week.

Here's some pics in no particular order...

Ran into my friend Shannon McCormick of Gnap! Theatre also working a table.
My new comic "My Secret Island" sold around a dozen copies
Riding the Megabus out of downtown Dallas.
Our table... quite a smattering of different things...
Drawing comics in Hernandez's sketchbook while manning the table...

The finished doodles...

Finally finishing my solo piece ROBERTS' ETERNAL GOLDFISH... hand-written, baby!

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