Jul 30, 2013

Solo Improv on UtahImprov.com

"You come up against any weaknesses you have - big time!" - Andy Eninger
There's a great article on solo improv on the UtahImprov.com by Jesse Parent called Solo Improv: The Art of Playing with Yourself. I think it was posted in August of 2002. I took the same workshop Parent refers to with Andy Eninger. I find Eninger a wonderful inspiration. He was kind of the pioneer that led the way for a lot of us solo improvisers that are performing nowadays (like myself and Jill Bernard).

In the article, Eninger is quoted again while referring to how in solo improv the luxury of time is a beneficial tool, since it can "allow the improviser to explore themselves, reveal personal themes, thoughts and beliefs"

I sure hope so. I'm doing a long solo set on September 1st.

This kind of stuff is percolating in my mind recently...

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