Apr 10, 2013

Bike Soccer Jamboree has moved!

The brave little podcast that I co-host and co-produce Bike Soccer Jamboree has moved. Because Posterous was bought out and is closing (where we have been for almost a year), we had to find a new home. Now you can find the episodes on the pop culture and arts website Sensational Adventure Club.

All the old episodes are posted as well as quite a few new ones. Jeff Hernandez has taken over the management of the episodes and fashioned new intro music (which sounds nothing whatsoever like the music from the popular Nerdist podcast). He has also decided not to edit or curate the episodes any longer, so what you get is the raw ummms and uhhhs and weird awkward pauses that make the episodes so very enjoyable to listen to. I am still coming to grips with these new changes, but since my laptops were stolen last month, I am sans the technology to do anything about it currently.

Anyway, check out the new home of Bike Soccer Jamboree. There are some other neat articles, comics, and related media on Sensational Adventure Club as well. That site, itself, has just been launched and will evolve and grow more and more as time progresses.

Thanks for listening. Check out the Bike Soccer Jamboree Podcasts HERE.

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