Mar 4, 2013

No Shame in Austin

Brad McEntire performs BURDEN OF A LIGHT BLUR SHIRT at No Shame, Mach 1, 2013

My awesome host, Tyler, put up Ruth and I in Austin. The first night there, trying to narrow what to do on a Friday night in Austin, we settled on, among other stops, No Shame at the Salvage Vanguard Theatre. No Shame is a kind of open mic for performance pieces (sketches, monologues, conceptual pieces, works-in-progress, etc.). We got there in time to sign-up. The last No Shame I did was more than a decade ago.

I ended up unexpectedly presenting a piece. I read my monologue BURDEN OF A LIGHT BLUE SHIRT. Through the wonders of technology, I was able to bring it up on my phone. 

The performance was nice. I was mostly pleased with the impromptu nature of it. I had not expected to perform anything. But the opportunity arose and I had something to step up with. So, hazzah.

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