Mar 17, 2013

DINOSAUR AND ROBOT this summer at the FIT

So, I wrote this play a few weeks ago (back when I had a laptop to, you know, write plays on) about a dinosaur and a robot who get sucked through time and space and wind up saving a little girl from a speeding train. It is appropriately called DINOSAUR AND ROBOT STOP A TRAIN. I wrote it for my friend Jeff Swearingen and I to perform. He's always wanted to play a dinosaur and I totally don't mind being a robot.

Anyway, I submitted it for a local theatre festival here in Dallas and I just got news before the weekend that is was accepted. So, stay tuned, 'cause there's going to be a kick-ass play about a time-traveling dinosaur and robot in this summer's 2013 Festival of Independent Theatres.

More details to come...

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