Jan 14, 2013

Hosting the Monologue Jam

Here I am hosting the 3rd Annual Winter Monologue Jam at Cafe Bohemia... 1/12/13
I have this dream that the Monologue Jam format will blow up and be performed around the country (and world). Right now it is a small thing done in a small corner of the Dallas area. On Saturday night ten improvisers toed the line and performed 3 minute character monologues based on one-word suggestions drawn on-the-spot from a hat. I did one, too (though it was not a home-run... more like a double base run). In the middle of the set I called three audience members onto the stage and grouped them with an improviser partner. Then I asked quiz questions. The winner got one of my prints.

The only thing that could have made the Monologue Jam better was the layout of the venue (the audience was in a long column straight back from the playing stage... horrible sight lines) and there maybe should have been 8 performers instead of 10, with 4 on each side of the set.

Kevin won. His prize was home-made peach "Monologue Jam" jam. Label by me.
Ruth videoed and if the footage came out, I'm hoping to cut a video of the set.

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