Sep 6, 2012

Hot in Houston

CYRANO A-GO-GO is a go at the Houston Fringe! Here are my initial observations...

1. It is too hot to do an outdoor show in a suit during the summer in Texas!
2. It would be nice to know ahead of time your show will be outdoors before you get to the festival.
3. A pleasant and professional venue contact goes a long, long way to making the experience kick-ass.
4. Even if the festival is kinda unorganized with a DIY aesthetic and the other shows aren't world-class, meeting a bunch of nice, enthusiastic, welcoming folks really makes the whole experience worthwhile (and sadly, the niceness of the festival people - organizers and fellow performers - often heads downhill in proportion to how big and streamlined the festival itself is).
5. Having relatives/friends/family to stay with is also a winning bonus for festival travel.

Two more shows to go. Click HERE for details. 

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