Sep 22, 2012

CHOP in Seattle - Part 1

My solo show CHOP is part way through its final run at the Seattle Fringe Festival. Small to medium audiences still, but great feedback and response. A couple of standing ovations! 

The folks in Seattle are nice and Ruth and I have eaten well since arriving. My hosts for the weekend, Richard (my 2nd cousin) and his partner Curt have been super welcoming. Here's some photos of adventures so far...

Richard and I at Pike's Place Market

Gourmet hotdog sliders at a place around the corner from the theatre, Po Dog's
The stage is set for CHOP at Odd Duck Studio
Ruth and I in front of Starbucks, store #1
"Happy Birthday to me..."
backstage at the Odd Duck Studio
"I just came to walk the pasture..."
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