Oct 25, 2023

Crafting the Solo Show now available

Over the last several years, especially during the pandemic, I compiled a bunch of notes I had been jotting down about solo performance. I have turned those notes into a book. Crafting the Solo Show is now available on Amazon both as an Kindle ebook and in paperback.

Super excited to release this out into the world. I set out to write the book I wish I had back when I started my own journey into creating and performing one-person shows for the stage.
Crafting the Solo Show covers all kinds of stuff... generating ideas, writing the script, rehearsing, performing that first show, touring, marketing and on and on.
Despite a little bit of lingering Imposter Syndrome, I believe this guide can be genuinely helpful to the beginning solo performer. If you are thinking of giving the format a try (or know someone who is) be sure to grab a copy.

Get a copy... HERE

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