Nov 20, 2022

That's a wrap on Que Sera, Giant Monster at TCC-SE

My play Que Sera, Giant Monster ended a three day, four show run a day or two back (November 16 - 18, 2022) at Tarrant County College Southeast. I wrote and directed. It was a pretty good adventure. The student cast and crew were enthusiastic and took direction well. The audiences seemed to dig it. Great design work from lighting designer and TD Derek Salazar, prop design by Angela Inman, sound by Darius Booker, Costumes by Paul Fiorella and set design by Clare DeVries. Here's a few parting pics.

Student actors Lily Clouse and DaShaun Ellis

Student actors DaShaun Ellis, Toni Colbert and Lily Clouse

Student actors Isara Al-Hilo and Lily Clouse

Student actors DaShaun Ellis and Kate Shugart

Student crew members Quinn Willcox and Mikalya Everheart
doing the unglamourous, but necessary work behind the scenes

Stage Manager Marc Aldreidge and ASM Mikayla Everheart
during tech rehearsal

The playwright and director in the lobby

Big thanks to the organizations and individuals that helped get the play this far. In particular thanks to Grant Knutson with Minion productions who offered me time at the Kathy George Indie Artists Residency while I was working on the piece originally. Thanks to Wordsmyth Theatre and their Texas Playwrights Festival which presented a reading of the piece in July of 2018. Gratitude to Wordsmyth Artistic Director Elizabeth Earle, director of the staged reading Cynthia Garcia and cast members Brandon Morgan, LaKeisha Randle and Bree Bridger. I also wanna thank actor-producer Steven Landry and director Debbi Ardoin at Acadiana Rep in Lafayette, Louisiana who did a developmental production of the piece back in February 2019. Big thanks to cast members of that show Erica Jure and Michelle Colon. Finally, thanks to Audacity Theatre Lab who hosted a casual table read of the play back in September 2022 with actors Jeff Swearingen, Natalie Young, Kim Lyle and Emily Faith.

I plan to keep developing the piece. Hopefully, the play will continue to be

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