Mar 18, 2022

Fun Grip Improv returns

Fun Grip, the improvisational duo I perform in with Jeff Swearingen began in January 2006 and performed all over the place until 2014. Last night we re-emerged for a special St. Patrick's Day show at the Dallas Comedy Club. Here are a few pics.

The show had a good turn out (about 35-40% capacity). It was definitely rough. We fashioned a narrative about two sets of partners (two wildlife preserve workers named Gordon and another guy and then two staff members at a military outpost... a Captain and a radio operator named Lenny) on the search for a mythical city built by elephants deep in the jungle. It was a bit plot-heavy. And the plot was a bit nonsensical with a lot of tangents. It was very inelegant. The characters didn't have much in the way of motivations either, which needs to be rectified in future shows. We also left the stage to go out into the audience quite a bit, which is something I do not like too much (it loses its impact if done too often). It also ruins sightlines.

Overall, the 50 minute set went okay. The pace dipped a few times, but we kept it going. Overall, it was a decent return. Not stellar, but not embarrassing. Leaves a lot of room for improvement and that is not a bad thing.

Big thanks to Holly Bagwell for snapping the pics.

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