Nov 30, 2020

A Blast in Kranesville


For the last several months I have been part of a team of faculty members and students at the college campus I work at who have been colloborating together to create an orginal "audio theatre" project. The project is titled A BLAST IN KRANESVILLE and involves students both in the devising as well as in the performing of it.

I am proud of the piece, even though the student aspects of the piece are a little uneven. I am particularly proud of the aspect of the project I did the most heavy-lifting on: the world-building. I created an entire fictional small town in rural Texas, complete with an extensive history and diverse set of townspeople. I also invented the framework of the story for the project.

The central event of the piece involves an explosion at a mysterous anbandoned factory at the edge of town. Green mist seeps from the ground and a faceless government agency closes the entire town down for weeks. No questions are answered and each citizen grapples with his or her sudden sense of isolation, frustration and confusion.

I wrote a detailed "wiki" about Kranesville. Very much worth a read.

That and the project itself can be accessed Dec 2-9, 2020 ... HERE

It is worth a listen.

The project alone, without the notes, wiki and context, can be accessed... HERE

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