Oct 4, 2020


I am not a superfan of "digitalizing" theatre. I realize a lot of theatres have embraced recording and streaming, or even live-streaming, theatre events since the Covid-19 pandemic shut down venues starting back in March.

Some colleagues in Oklahoma who mounted a "digital fringe" this year in order to keep their event going, contactd me and asked my thoughts on things. I wrote back:

"As a maker of theatre, I acknowledge it is, technically, not theatre any longer. It is a new thing. Not cinema, really, either. The hybrid newness of it I find appealing. The silver lining of the times we are in is that we can step back and question the old ways. If there ever was a time to do a few virtual/digital shows and get away with it, it is now in the hot mess we call 2020.

As a viewer of theatre, I'd sooner poke flaming Doritos in my eyes than watch a damn Zoom play reading. Shows I might have seen in normal times (is that a phrase any longer... "normal times?"), I have no inclination to see as a recording or a live stream. I'd sooner wait everything out and see that production when I can eventually sit in a real audience again."

It is the novelty of the moment, however, that lead me to round up a few friends and create a show for the 22nd Annual Festival of Independent Theatres. The FIT went "virtual" this year. When producer, David Meglino, approached me to participate, I offered to custom-build a show for the constraints of the moment. The result is a very entertaining piece called DAYLAN HILLIS IN SPACE. Here are the details...

Jeff Swearingen in Audacity Theatre Lab's
DAYLAN HILLIS IN SPACE [credit: Audacity Theatre Lab]


By Brad McEntire and Jeff Hernandez
Featuring Jeff Swearingen
Directed by Brad McEntire

Security guard Daylan Hillis feels underappreciated in his job at a top secret government facility. One night his otherwise boring shift is interrupted by an encounter with strange intruders and a chance to show what he is really capable of.

Audacity Theatre Lab is thrilled to offer this digital "theatre" piece
as part of the 22nd Annual Festival of Independent Theatres.

Available for streaming October 8-31, 2020
Two Show Block Tickets - $12
Festival Pass for all Shows - $30
For tickets or more information visit: ​festivalofindependenttheatres.org/

​Running time: 38 minutes
NOTE: This production contains some strong language (PG-13-ish)

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