Sep 14, 2018

Nice first audience review from the Elgin Fringe

Brad McEntire

My solo show Robert's Eternal Goldfish opened last night at 9 pm at the Elgin Fringe Festival. It was a whirlwind day, with less than two hours of sleep the night before (thanks to my 20-month old son and his latest bout with teething). 

I taught my 8 am college class, then headed to the airport. Cramped flight (thanks United) to O'Hare. The airline made me check my single small backpack because United doesn't have space for carry-on bags for its passangers. Waited for my bag in O'Hare for over half an hour. Got CTA ticket to ride the El to the Rosemont Station, where I caught a Pace bus to downtown Elgin. Arrived in Elgin about three hours before my show. 

Checked in with the fringe, then hiked to my billet. Charming place with friendly cats, but no air-conditioning. Made it back to the venue 40 miuntes before curtain. This was the first time I had seen the space. Luckily the show has no tech. I was sooooo tired, I was basically a zombie. I had about 10-11 audience members. I poured whatever energy I could muster into the show. Went over well. I had a good time and I think the audience dug it.

As I stumbled out of the venue, two people outside stopped me. It was a husband and wife. They had just been in the audience. They said they were experienced fringe-goers who had been to Chicago and Vancouver and a bunch of places and seen a lot of fringe shows.

"But you are one of the best we have ever seen..."

Totally made my whole day.

The guy said he was writing a review on the Elgin Fringe website right then. I thanked them for coming out to the show and headed off to grab a bite and a celbratory beer before crashing.

This morning This review was up on the Elgin Fringe site...

Audacity Theatre Lab | Brad McEntire | Robert's Eternal Goldfish 
- By Ross 
Masterful, intense, poignant, brilliant, insightful, oh and did I say intense? By far one of the best storytellers I've ever seen, well delivered and meaningful. I'll be talking about this one for a long time. This show is likely the best of show Fringe 2018. A must see.

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