Jul 29, 2018

Quick interview with Nanaimo Fringe

The Nanaimo Fringe did a quick interview with me and posted it on Facebook. Here it is...

Meet Brad, the man behind Robert's Eternal Goldfish!

Where are you from and what's your favourite thing about it?
I am from Texas, born and bred. I currently live outside of Dallas. Besides the relatively low cost of living and good food, Dallas works great for me as a home base. For travel purposes, it is smack in the middle of the US, has a very vibrant arts scene and the people are super hospitable.

2. How would you sum up your Fringe show, Robert's Eternal Goldfish, in one sentence?
A weird and hilarious romp thru the psyche of a messed up dude who is frustrated into being a better person.

3. What’s your craziest Fringe Festival experience?
Last time I came to Nanaimo in 2015, I got seperated from my friend, who was giving me a ride, right before we got on the ferry in Tsawwassen. I did not have my phone, passport, ferry ticket or any other belongings on me. Thinking my ride had driven on the ferry already, I just walked on. It was only later I was called to the Steward's cabin to get a shore-to-ship call from my friend. He actually had waited for me, off to the side of the line of cars. I had not seen him. He was a good half a day behind me, since he would have to take the next ferry. The Steward informed me that, technically, I was a "stow-away." I spent the day wandering around the ferry and then Nanaimo without any electronics (or documentation for that matter). I had never been here before. It was pleasant and surreal. My friend and I eventually met back up in the evening with a story to tell.

4. If you could take your show anywhere, where would you go?
I would love to one day do the show on board a cruise ship. This answer will make a lot of sense if you see the show.

5. What's your opinion of Nanaimo Bars?
Rich. Filling. Good with coffee. I liked the ones at the Vault Cafe.

Info on Brad's show... HERE

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