Aug 23, 2016

Bike Soccer Jamboree Episode 51 - Work Habits

In Episode 51 of the completely unnecessary podcast Bike Soccer Jamboree, Jeff Hernandez and I discuss living the creative life. We go over productivity routines, doing a few big, important things vs. lots of small projects and, most of all, how to maneuver daily life to get shit done.

Oh, and the glory of $0.17 spiral notebooks.
Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve really started to see through things I consider bullshit. For myself, I have to consider, am I doing this so-called ‘creative work’ for real or am I just bandaging over my feelings, trying to feel creative, by doing something easy and short-handy? So I can tell myself I’m a creative person? What I’m saying is, you have to chisel out the time to do the important stuff. It has to be important enough to you to make you want to do it. You don’t makeyourself do it, you just are organically gonna do it.

I don't always give a shout out to the BSJ podcasts, but this one is totally worth a listen... HERE.

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