Mar 14, 2016

Solo Improv Workshop at A.C.T.

The Solo Improviser

Since 2005 Brad McEntire (former Victim and half of the duo Fun Grip) has been exploring the idea of solo long form improvisation. He has created a format called Dribble Funk. During the Dribble Funk, the solo performer portrays multiple characters in a cascading, interrelated network of improvised scenes, monologues, songs, abstractions and possible audience interactions that evolve into an unexpected multi-arc storyline. The insights from performing solo improv carry a lot of useful tools for traditional ensemble long form as well. 
The workshop will focus on the power of repetition, a liberated stage presence, physical storytelling, scene start initiations such as jump and justify, the multiple uses of monologue, the "pre-scene", meaningful audience interaction and the oft-overlooked gloriousness of story structure. Learn a new skill set for your improv while having fun and celebrating a bit of risk taking!
For the Alternative Comedy Theatre
Tuesday, March 29, 2016 @ 7 PM - 9 PM
$15 (Max: 8)
2701 Fondren #114
Dallas, TX 75206

To sign up...
email us:
call us: 214-476-3429

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