Nov 19, 2014

Corner Office Sky to play December 11-21

My newest play CORNER OFFICE SKY will play as part of a collection of holiday-themed one-acts a the Margo Jones Theatre December 11-21. The project is called A VERY NOUVEAU HOLIDAY and is put on by Nouveau 47 Theatre. More info... HERE

R.H. has just been promoted. As he finds a quiet spot away from the raucous office holiday party to congratulate himself he finds an other-worldly young woman named Skye. She seems drawn to a man with a good brain in his head.

I'm not sure who's acting in it or who's directing it yet [update 12/5/14- The excellent Becki MCDonald is directing. DeWayne Blundell is R.H. and Ana Gonzalez is SKYE... yay!], but I should have that info soon. Oh, and they just put together a snazzy poster...

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