Jun 18, 2014

But I Suck at the Administrative Stuff Workshop

For the last few years I have run a theatre company out of a laptop, embraced media relations and found a use for social media. I'm not a guru, but I have learned a bunch of hard-won lessons on being a proactive performing artist in these contemporary times. This workshop is about the stuff that doesn't always come easy to performers and artists... the administrative stuff.

"Brad McEntire"

But I Suck At the Administrative Stuff...

So you have performed for a few years, you have a group that works well together, you rarely have an absolutely embarrassing show. Now you wanna grow your audiences, get more press, organize your damn press kits and submission packets. You wanna get the word out. 

Sadly, a lot of troupes are filled with people who mutter “I’m just no good at that businessy stuff” and ignore it. Then they wonder why their troupe doesn’t get very far. 

Brad McEntire offers a short and sweet overview of the side of improv and theatre that is NOT performing (i.e. marketing, organizing, email lists, web presence, etc.). He will help you create ways to share your process. Remember, you don't find an audience, the audience finds you.

I will be offering this all new workshop as part of the 6th Annual Big Sexy Weekend of Improv.

Cost is $20. Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 3 PM. Info... HERE

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