May 11, 2014

4-Way Stop: The Musical

Back in the summer of 2009 I participated in one of the Dallas Video Association's 24-Hour Races. The team, headed by Keith Dearing and Collin Kennedy of Palatia Motion Picture Group in the McKinney/Allen area of North Texas was given a prompt on a Friday evening - something to do with fruit, a street and music - and then had one day to write a script, shoot it, then edit it and turn it back in.

At the time I was working with Jeff Swearingen and Cassidy Crown at Plano Childrens' Theatre. We helped write the script (and music), did our own singing and Cassidy choreographed the "big" dance. Of course, Swearingen and I improvised quite a bit. The result was called 4-WAY STOP: THE MUSICAL. I just found it on YouTube.

I wish the production team had had a little more time to tighten up the editing. We recorded the songs in a home studio. They didn't get enough coverage to cut away when we were trying to lip sync to ourselves during the shoot. Our mouths don't quite match up during the singing.

"Brad McEntire"

Oh, and I was billed as "Brad McIntire" for some reason. Too hell with spelling when time is of the essence.

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