Sep 2, 2013

DF380... is complete

#DF380 in performance. Pic by Matt Tomlanovich.

A few hours ago, I finished performing 380 minutes (six hours and 20 minutes total) of solo improvisation. It was awesome and exciting and nerve-wracking and exhausting. It happened. 

I pit myself against myself, against the void, against the stage and I came out the other side. I constructed a nesting doll of narrative that ranged from another solar system to Kansas corn fields to secret military complexes to NYC's Broadway to the fictional/satirical "Necropolis, the City of the Dead." Dozens of characters sprang forth. By the end, with only five people left in the audience, I was brain drained and woozy, but still on my feet. It happened.

I created 380 minutes of spontaneous theatre.

In a day or so, I'll wrangle all the Twitter and FB feeds and construct a play-by-play. But for now, I sleep. I will sleep the slumber of Odysseus and other wanderers in the realms of the impossible.

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