May 12, 2013

So that's where that comes from...

I never really know how these things start. This is because I am usually well into the process by the time it occurs to me that this idea had to come from somewhere originally. I'm talking about getting ideas for plays and this weekend I'm just sitting down to start a new one, from scratch. And I know exactly where the idea is coming from this time... my wife.

Ruth was telling me about an assignment she gives to her students in one of the college English classes she teaches. The students have to imagine themselves in the future travelling back in time to interview an important writer. They also have the option of bringing the writer through time to the future to be interviewed. Either way, Ruth asks them to give a short, creative explanation of how and why they or the writer time travel.

And time travel has been in my brain lately. And how time stops. And how celebrity works. And what exactly is "selling out?" And what is the future going to be like. And a bunch of other things.

I'm on a roll lately with the plays. Just this year I've rolled out CARTER STUBBS TAKES FLIGHT, SHARK BITES AND SIDE EFFECTS (granted, for a 24 hour play thing, but...) and DINOSAUR AND ROBOT STOP A TRAIN.

I'm hoping to bang out at least two more plays this summer and fall... a solo piece about a haunted goldfish and now this next bold full-length idea that may be chock-a-block full of big ideas. Both are in the "notes" stage of progress for now. But...


Interesting things are afoot...

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