Feb 25, 2013

On Assumptions, Plays and Hibernation

I recently posted an article on the Audacity Theatre Lab blog, Notes From The Lab about how small independent theatre companies, particularly ATL, must fight ingrained traditional assumptions about what theatre is, can do, and can operate.

Here's a quote:

As a small independent theatre, Audacity is under no obligation to do full-scale productions in a certain place. We don’t have to do anything in a designated theatre building. We don’t have to do plays. We only have to have someone do something where people can watch. Period. We can do projects that are pure improvisation, evenings of music and stories, stunts and happenings. We can do them anywhere we can drum up a crowd – bars, parks, patios, galleries, coffee shops, parking lots, living rooms, etc.

Also, there's a cuddly picture of a bear sleeping. Check it out HERE.

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