Nov 18, 2012

14 Hours: A Trip to Austin

Jeff played a "Magical Chair" in our set about dueling laboratory assistants...
Last Friday, November 16, Ruth, Swearingen and I set off to Austin. We left Dallas around 3 PM. The original goal was to get there around 7:30, chill a bit, check into a cheap hotel (Jeff was going to stay with Chris Humphrey), then do an improv set at the Hideout on 7th and Congress. We had been invited to do a split bill as FUN GRIP in "The Spectacle" with the house troupe Parallelagramaphonograph.

We did not anticipate Formula 1 weekend. Lots more traffic. The hotels were all super-expensive. Bars all super-crowded. We ended up doing the show, grabbing some grub at Kerby Lane, catching up a bit with Chris Humphrey, then driving back. 

Back to Dallas by 5 AM. That makes a 14 hour round trip. Huzzah!

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  1. Thanks again for playing, you guys. It's always a pleasure to have you down.