May 4, 2012

CHOP in FringeNYC

I have participated in the New York International Fringe Festival three different times in the past. I produced a show called SLICK KADMON VS. GOD in 2000, directed and completely oversaw my own play RED PAJAMA BLUES in 2001 and then directed and designed THE LAST CASTRATO in 2005.

This year I'll be heading back!

Just recieved the news in the mail. CHOP has been accepted into the 2012 New York International Fringe Festival. I'm totally excited about this. I have been developing and performing the piece since March 2010 and the FringeNYC will be the grand destination point for me. It is not that I will completely stop doing the show, but I'll finally open it up to the world for others to do and I won't actively pursue opportunities with the piece after this autumn.

Check back for more details very soon. Exciting times ahead, friends.

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