Apr 23, 2012

Weekend in San Antonio

Me and the cast of the Overtime's production of  FOR THE LOVE OF AN ANESTHESIOLOGIST
 Good weekend in San Antonio. I experienced two showings of my play FOR THE LOVE OF AN ANESTHESIOLOGIST at the Overtime Theatre. I was struck by the genuine enthusiasm the cast and crew had for the play. They missed a few things, but found a whole lot. In fact, sitting through the piece I was affected by how clear the same themes and motifs have become and still get sprinkled into my works (searching, confusion, isolation as well as goldfish, bees, cocktails, etc.). I have have to revisit ANESTHESIOLOGIST and expand it into a fuller-length piece (right now it is designed for just over an hour).

With director Bryan Ortiz

CHOP in performance at the Overtime Theatre.
I also performed CHOP twice and it was wonderful to revisit that piece as well. It was well received, too. Even though I was extremely tired each night, I turned in two pretty solid performances. I even received my first standing ovation - for CHOP - on one night. Hazzah!

The folks at the Overtime had a definite divey-DIY-homemade vibe, but they bowled me over with just wonderful amounts of hospitality. Good weekend of art-making and art-experiencing.

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